COSPLAY at MegaCon Live

We LOVE Cosplay at MegaCon Live & whether you’re cosplaying for the first time, or are a veteran cosplayer; there’s something for everyone! Take part in our Cosplay Masquerade, or attend one of many Cosplay Meet-ups to meet like-minded fans!

Cosplay Masquerade

Ready, Steady, Cosplay! Entries for MegaCon Live Cosplay Masquerade are now open. Hosted by Guild of Nerds. Let battle commence.

Masquerade takes place Saturday and Sunday.

Registration will open soon – please follow our social for updates.

Specialty Performances

Specialty performances are an opportunity for a select few longer performances to perform on the main stage during the Cosplay Masquerade. Masquerade entries are capped at 2 minutes long, but specialty performances can be up to 5 minutes. Specialty Performances will not be eligible to compete in the Cosplay Masquerade, and will go on after the competitive entries and before the winners are announced, while judges are deliberating.

Those interested in presenting a specialty performance must apply in advance. 2-3 specialty performances will be selected from the applicants for each day by the Cosplay Team.



  • All cosplays must adhere to the convention rules in regards to dress and props.
  • Both purchased and hand-made cosplays may be entered. To qualify for Overall over
    60% of your cosplay must be made.
  • If you have made your cosplay and are competing for Overall, you must bring a build
    book and reference photos to pre-judging.
  • There are four categories.
    U16, Group, Performance and Overall.
    Groups can win U16 if all members are Under 16.
    Overall does take performance into account, as well as Craftsmanship, and Accuracy/Creativity.
  • Only one entry per person per day (either as a group or individually)
  • Entries must be 16 or over. Under 16’s must be registered by a parent or guardian.
  • Performances are not automatically accepted, and the Cosplay team reserves the right to reject performances that are unfit for the Masquerade.
  • All performances must be under 2 minutes.
  • Performances must be family friendly and safe for the audience. Cosplayers must be able to move on the stage unassisted.
  • Invited performers, or specialty performers for intermission acts or other such performances at the show cannot compete on the same day as their specialty performance.
  • Good sportsmanship is required. An entrant can be removed from the Masquerade or disqualified from future shows for poor sportsmanship.
  • Backing tracks must be sent to the cosplay team as an MP3 file before the show.
  • You must check in at the Cosplay Zone on the day of your entry by 12pm, failure to do so may result in you being marked as a no-show and your spot may be given away.
  • If online sign ups are full there may be a limited number of on the day spots available. You can check at the Cosplay zone at 1pm for on the day spots.
  • On the day sign ups with made costumes are not guaranteed a pre-judging slot, and availability of such slots are based on the judges schedule.
  • By entering the competition you agree that your photo may be taken by attendees while onstage and in the stage area, and that the convention, contest team and other subsidiaries of these entities may use your image for advertising or sponsor purposes.

Full version of the cosplay masquerade rules can be downloaded here

  1. Specialty Performances are selected on an application basis. You must apply to be considered.
  2. The Cosplay Team will make the specialty performance selections out of the applications submitted. There are extremely limited specialty performance slots available, and their selections are final.
  3. Specialty Performances are ineligible to compete on the day of their specialty performance in the Cosplay Masquerade.
  4. All performers must adhere to the convention rules in regards to dress and props.
    1. There is a 5 minute maximum limit for specialty performances. All specialty performances must be under 5 minutes in total length.
    2. Specialty performances should be safe for both performers and audience members, as well as family friendly.
  5. In addition to the initial application, specialty performances must submit supporting evidence for their proposed performance to help the Cosplay Team in the selection process. Specialty performances must be structured and have a clear and executable plan for the performance.
  6. Specialty Performances will go on after the cosplay masquerade and before the winners are announced. They are there to help fill the time allocated for judges to make their selections.
    1. Specialty performances may indicate which day of the show they are available to perform on, but the cosplay team will make the set order decisions. There will be 2-3 specialty performances each day depending on total time each performance takes.
  7. Specialty performers agree that their photo may be taken by attendees while onstage and in the stage area. You also agree that the convention, contest team, and other subsidiaries of these entities may use your image for advertising or sponsor purposes,  both onstage and backstage.

Full version of the specialty performance rules can be downloaded here