Cosplay Etiquette

Cosplay is not consent 

  • Cosplay and costumes are NOT an invitation to touch, or harass anybody – Always respect boundaries
  • This includes a cosplayer’s costume and props – Do not touch these without permission! 
  • Please do not hesitate to contact one of our team , or pay a visit to the organisers office if you have any issues over the weekend. 


Ask before you photograph!

  • Please always ask cosplayers for permission to take pictures (and respect those wishes if they say no for any reason!)
  • Remember that Cosplayers always have the right to say no to images
  • Please don’t assume that just because somebody is in cosplay they are happy for an image to be taken without permission. 

Not your photo? Wait! 

  • Many cosplayers LOVE posing for pictures at events and we guarantee that your picture will be 100% better if they’re looking at YOUR camera
  • Don’t snipe someone else’s shot, or take an image if a cosplayer is posing for somebody else. Simply wait and ask when they’re done with anybody before you – we guarantee it’ll make for a more memorable interaction and image! 

Cosplay is for EVERYONE

  • It doesn’t matter about Race, Age, Gender or Body Type – Cosplay is for everyone
  • More than one person can cosplay the same character and no fan has more right to do so than another fan
  • The cosplay community is an amazingly supportive one and there is no room for any form of shaming 

Remember, Cosplayers are human too 

  • Please please PLEASE remember that cosplayers are humans (and more importantly, fans like the rest of us!)
  • Don’t like the character? Move along

Have fun & help us create a positive environment! 

  • Complement Cosplay
  • Always respect boundaries and decisions 
  • Don’t know a character? Take an interest and find out more! 
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