New guest announcement for our 2025 show will appear close to the event.
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We hope everyone had a great time at their photoshoot.
If you’re looking for a digital copy of your photo please fill out the form below.

Additional Information

Please note:  some guests may be attending on a single day only. All guests are attending subject to commitments.

Only photoshoots with the guests are available for pre-purchase.

Note that photo sessions refer to professionally taken posed photographs in the onsite studio and include a large printed copy available to collect later in the day.

For an additional print of a photoshoot, the charge is £5

For any guest offering the first autograph free, note that it may mean further autographs are not available due to time constraints or that a charge will apply to further autographs.

Some guests where the signing is free on the item provided by the event may be willing to sign items you bring yourself, either for free or for a fee.

Some guests may be willing to have a posed ‘selfie’ style photograph along with an autograph- this is at the guest’s discretion, and may also not be possible due to time constrain

Unfortunately due to the nature of events sometimes guests need to cancel.

In that case any pre-purchased photoshoots will be automatically refunded within 14 days of the cancellation announcement