COSPLAY at MegaCon Live

We LOVE Cosplay at MegaCon Live & whether you’re cosplaying for the first time, or are a veteran cosplayer; there’s something for everyone! Take part in our Cosplay Masquerade, or attend one of many Cosplay Meet-ups to meet like-minded fans!

Cosplay Masquerade

Ready, Steady, Cosplay! Entries for MegaCon Live Cosplay Masquerade are now open. Hosted by Guild of Nerds. Let battle commence.

Masquerade takes place Saturday and Sunday.

For questions please email

Cosplay masquerade rules:

– Both handmade and purchased cosplays can be showcased in the masquerade however your costume must be handmade to be judged competitively (at least 60%)

– There can be one entry per person per day (either as a group or as yourself)

– Entries must be 16 or over (junior entrants must be registered by a parent guardian).

– On the day of the masquerade you must register at the cosplay desk before 12 to confirm your attendance and recieved your pre-judging timeslot.

– Please bring reference and progress pictures to your pre judging slot if you can.

– Group sizes are a maximum of 8 people.

– Cosplayers are judged both on their cosplay and their stage presence.

– The cosplayer must be able to move on the stage unassisted by an assistant.

– The cosplay team have the right to remove any entrant from the masquerade if they believe the costume or cosplayer inappropriate to perform on stage.

– Decisions for the masquerade prizes are decided on by the judging panel. Their decisions are final.

– The group prize must be split between the group winners.

– Performances must be safe for a family friendly audience.

– Performances must be 2 minutes or less ( 3 minutes for a dance performance)

– Please submit your audio in an MP3 format

– Microphones may be available on request (please submit a script if you wish to use a microphone)

– The cosplay team have the right to stop or intervene in a performance should a need arise.

-If all slots are full in advance, there may be some on the day slots available due to drop outs ( Please check with the cosplay desk around 1pm on the day). Performance entries can not be accepted on the day.

The masquerade will have prizes for the following categories;

– Best Overall Costume

– Best Group

– Best Performance

– Best Junior cosplay (15 and under)