Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament

Megacon Live Official sanctioned OTS Yu-Gi-Oh tournament! Hosted by K Comics

For your chance to take part, register below to secure your seat once the event entries open!

You may enter for one or both days!

Both tournaments, Saturday and Sunday, will be Swiss rounds to determine the winner! The number of rounds will depend on the number of entrants.

Start time both days is 11.30 – Finish. Please arrive on time.

Prize pool (Saturday & Sunday)

Price pool TBC
*All players will also receive an OTS pack on entry. 

Full details for the event will be sent once you have submitted your registration form.

We look forward to seeing you all there!


This event will be a Swiss format tournament.

Players are reminded to bring their deck (sleeved in identical sleeves for the main deck and side deck, extra deck cards must all be in identical sleeves, but these sleeves may be different from those for the main and side deck).
Decks must be no fewer than 40 cards and no more than 60 cards, and the extra and side decks may contain no more than 15 cards each. 
All cards must be in English, or any of the supported languages for Europe. If a card is not in English, you must also have a copy of the card in English, or a written accurate translation of the card, stored outside of your Card Case.
If you own a card that has had a more recent errata or updated text, you must also have a copy of the card with the more recent text, or a written copy of the most recent text, stored outside of your Card Case.

This event will be using the most recent forbidden and limited list, and deck checks will take place, so please ensure your deck is legal. The most recent forbidden and limited list can be found here: https://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/limited/.
If you have any questions about rulings for your deck, be sure to ask the head judge before the event.

Duelists are expected to be familiar with and follow all Konami guidelines in the official Tournament Policy (found here: https://img.yugioh-card.com/ygo_cms/ygo/all/uploads/KDE-E_TCG_Tournament_Policy_2_1.pdf).

This includes hygiene, respectful behaviour, proper attire, and bringing any necessary materials you may require, including your Konami Card Game Network (KCGN) CARD GAME ID Number.

Yes, as part of your registration you will have to provide your Konami Card Game Network (KCGN) Card Game ID Number. 

Please ensure you bring your card as you will require it for registration.

All is not lost.

To ensure fairness to all we have reserved some seats for people to sign up in person on the day.

When you arrive please make your way to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament area and speak to a member of our team.