COSPLAY at MegaCon Live

We LOVE Cosplay at MegaCon Live & whether you’re cosplaying for the first time, or are a veteran cosplayer; there’s something for everyone! Take part in our Cosplay Masquerade, or attend one of many Cosplay Meet-ups to meet like-minded fans!

Cosplay Masquerade

Ready, Set, Cosplay!

The MegaCon Live Cosplay Masquerade, hosted by the Guild of Nerds, is your chance to wow the audience on the Mega Stage.

Whatever your skill level, with two experience classes, you can now compete in a category that suits you! Awards include Best Craftsmanship and Best Performance in both classes, Best Adventurer, and a £250 cash prize for Best in Show (Artificer).

Looking for advice on which class to enter, how to put together a progress book,
performance tips, and more? Visit the Guild of Nerds website for all the advice you need to prepare for the MegaCon Cosplay Masquerades.

Bard Requirements

  • Bought, thrifted or commissioned your cosplay
  • Over 16 years old
    • 12-15 year-olds may enter if registered by a parent
  • Complete an online application detailing a performance plan
  • Identify with any of the following:
    • You have a performance in mind
    • You’re okay performing in front of a large audience
    • You want to compete against other performers.

Adventurer Requirements

  • Made 50% or more of your cosplay
  • Over 16 years old
    • 12-15 year-olds may enter if registered by a parent
  • Pre-register online
  • Identify with any of the following:
    • You’re new to making costumes
    • You’ve never won a major award
    • You haven’t entered a cosplay competition, or have entered less than five.

Artificer Requirements

  • Made 80% or more of your cosplay
  • Over 16 years old
  • Complete an online application
  • Identify with any of the following:
    • You’ve won a major award
    • You consider yourself an experienced costume maker
    • You’ve entered more than five competitions
    • You have professional costuming training or experience.

Adventurer and Artificer categories are judged with the following weighting: 

  • 35% craftsmanship
  • 35% accuracy/creativity
  • 30% performance.

MegaCon Live masquerades have always been oversubscribed, so we’re introducing an application process for the Artificer and Bard classes only . Artificer and Bard applications will be open for 25 days, and no decisions will be made until after that date, so you don’t have to rush to sign up!

Adventurer class will still operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible after the opening date.

Important Dates:

  • 15th November 2023 – closes when full: Adventurer applications open
  • 15th November – 10th December 2023: Artificer and Bard applications open

Cosplay Showcase

Ready to show off your cosplay and strike a pose or two? Join us for the Cosplay Showcase, a non-competitive way for cosplayers of all ages and backgrounds to show off their cosplays at the Performance Square. Sign ups are available on the day only in the Cosplay Village and open to everyone.

Showcase Requirements

  • Be in costume
  • All ages
  • Bought, made, and commissioned costumes welcome
  • Sign up on the day
  • Have fun!

Performance Square

After a fantastic run at MegaCon Live Manchester 2023, the Performance Square is returning! In addition to the Cosplay Showcase, there may be some cosplay performance spots available.

More details to come soon!

Cosplay Village
Stop by the Cosplay Village throughout the weekend for all things cosplay! There you’ll find the venue’s cosplay changing room and cloakroom for cosplayers use.
The Guild of Nerds will be operating the Cosplay Repair Forge, a free service for cosplayers in jeopardy! If your cosplay needs a repair, feel free to stop by for a helping hand.


  • All cosplays must adhere to the convention rules in regards to dress and props.
  • There are two classes, Adventurer and Artificer. There are slightly different requirements for each.
  • Adventurer entries must have made 50% or more of their cosplay, and Artificer entries must have made 80% or more of their cosplay.
  • Progress books are required, but are not judged competitively.
  • Best in Show and Best Adventurer are weighted 35% Craftsmanship, 35%
    Accuracy/Creativity and 30% Performance.
  • Only one entry per person per event.
  • Groups are capped at 6 people and qualify for all categories/prizes depending on their class.
  • Entries must be 16 or over for the Artificer class.
  • Performances are not automatically accepted, and the Cosplay team reserves the right to reject performances that are unfit for the Masquerade.
  • All performances must be under 2 minutes.
  • Performances must be family friendly and safe for the audience and performer. Cosplayers must be able to move on the stage unassisted, or have their own handler attending with them.
  • Good sportsmanship is required. An entrant can be removed from the Masquerade or disqualified from future shows for poor sportsmanship.
  • You must check in at the Cosplay Village on the day of your entry by 12pm, failure to do so may result in you being marked as a no-show and your spot may be given away.
  • An advanced waitlist system will be operated once registrations are full. There will be no on-the day registrations, but no-shows spots can be given to waitlisted entries attending the show.
  • By entering the competition you agree that your photo and video may be taken by attendees while onstage and in the stage area, and that Megacon Live, Guild of Nerds and other subsidiaries of these entities may use your image for advertising or sponsor purposes.

Full version of the cosplay masquerade rules can be downloaded here