Comic & Creator Village

Welcome to the Comic Village & Creator Village, the vibrant heart of the Mega Con Live! Immerse yourself in a world of awe-inspiring creativity, where graphic novels come to life and talented artists make their mark. Step into the bustling lanes lined with tables brimming with colourful illustrations, captivating storylines, and one of a kind items you could only dream of. Engage in lively conversations with comic book creators, witnessing their masterful craftsmanship and the birth of new heroes and villains. Whether you’re an avid comic enthusiast or a curious explorer, the Comic Village & Creator Village are your gateway to an unforgettable journey through the captivating realm of comics and the boundless bounties only found in the creator’s imagination.

Comic Village Guests
Comic Village

1 in 100

Location: AH3
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CReator Village

A lil brit arts

Location: AB4

Antique teacup

Location: AE7


Location: AD6


Location: AE1

Circuitry Crafts

Location: AB7

Dandilion's Workshop

Location: AD1

Edge of the Map

Location: AA4

Ellen Stubbings Illustration

Location: AA6


Location: AE6


Location: AC11

Indigo Abbie

Location: AC12

Kate Mia white

Location: AF5


Location: AD2

Kit Snow Fantasy Art

Location: AB11

Lost Monkey Art

Location: AB6

Lost Monkey Art

Location: AB6

Lyndon White

Location: AC2

Nea Star

Location: AA7

Nikki stu

Location: AC9

Oh You Illustrate

Location: AD8

Peach Soda

Location: AC8

ShonaMary Designs

Location: AB8

Simon J. Curd

Location: AD3

Slightly Ghosts

Location: AE4

Tallewellyn Comics

Location: AB3

This Wicked Cult

Location: AD9