Industry / Content Creator Pass REgistration

For Industry

Industry passes are available for Industry professionals who have a need or desire to visit our event in a professional capacity to interact with the  MegaCon Live brand. Examples would be professionals from Gaming, TV, Film, Publishing, Exhibitions. Industry Passes are not for photographers, cosplayers, or content creators and are made available for those officially representing their business, or profession. 

Manchester July 2024
London January 2025
Dublin January 2025
Birmingham March 2025

For Content Creators

Applications for Content Creator Passes at MegaCon Live are reserved for active content creators who intend to provide coverage of our events. Priority is given to those creators who create content within niches relevant to MegaCon Live. 
Due to the limited nature of these passes, our team will take following, engagement and active posting into account. Passes are provided in exchange for content at the show and provide complementary access, but do not provide any additional benefits such as queue jump, or signing / photo access 
Creator passes are considered on an event by event basis and are not guaranteed based on any previous creator pass allocation at MegaCon Live or other events 
Creator Pass Applications
Press Pass REgistration

Press Passes are reserved for individuals intent on covering MegaCon Live through official news outlets, media platforms, or blogs catering to our event demographic. If you’re a content creator, we encourage you to apply for a Content Creator Pass instead.

To apply for a Press Pass, please provide a detailed plan of your intended coverage. Our team evaluates all coverage post-event, ensuring that Press Passes are utilised appropriately. Please apply only if you are committed to producing event coverage.