Here's what you need to know before you apply!

Creator Passes at MegaCon Live are complimentary standard access tickets provided to content creators with an active, engaged following, who plan to attend MegaCon Live and share their event experiences with followers online.  These passes have a limited availability and are reviewed on a wide variety of criteria to ensure fair distribution

As a growing business and event, our capacity for creator passes isn’t infinite. If your application for a creator pass is not successful, you are still most welcome (and encouraged!) to purchase a ticket to join us! 

Creator Passes are a delightful bonus at many events and should not be perceived as an entitlement. The awarding of Creator Passes isn’t exclusively determined by follower count; our team also evaluates engagement, posting frequency, cross-platform activity, and past usage of passes at previous events. Typically, we favour creators who maintain an engaged following across multiple platforms, not just on TikTok, or any one particular platform. 

In special events such as MegaCon Live London, where we also feature our Social in the City and TokFEST Creator Guest Tracks, we also have “Featured Guest Creators” who are invited to join us at the event, with various scheduled activities (Meet & Greets, Panels, Signing Tables and Stage Appearances).  For the avoidance of confusion please note that our complemetary creator passes are seperate from our Featred Creator Line-up.   That being said, f you are a significant content creator aiming to be considered for our official line-up or wish to get involved with panels, please email our SitC guest team here

Ready to apply?

Additional Guidance & FAQ

PRO TIP to maximise future creator passes!  One of the biggest things we encounter when reviewing creator applications are posts that either do not @ tag events, fail to showcase events, or bury events in hashtags. We generally request where possible for some form of @ tag and link to the event on any creator pass posts you’re creating. Often when applying applicants will list coverage as “review stalls, showcase the event, review the event offering, showcase cosplay” and then do none of this. Our only piece of advise here is to think past the event you’re at and how coverage (or lack of) with a creator pass can benefit, or hamper future applications for MegaCon Live (or other events)  

Unable to attend after receiving a creator pass? If you are no longer able to attend and use your creator pass, please email us at so our team can cancel your ticket. This ensures you will not receive a negative mark against future applications (while helping us offer passes to more applicants – They really are limited!) 

Creator Passes are non-transferrable! Please note that our creator passes are strictly non-transferrable and should not be resold. Anyone attemping to attend with another creator’s pass will be removed from the event and applicants will not be considered for future applications.  Unable to attend? Just send us a quick email! 

I’ve already bought a ticket, can I still apply? You can still apply for a creator pass if you have an existing ticket, but we will not be able to issue a refund on any prior purchases (mostly to avoid abuse of any good-will in this respect). You are however welcome to use your purchased ticket (as a creator) in any giveaways, or promotional activity should you wish. Please feel free to email us if you have any advance promotional plans and we can share!

Previously received a creator pass, but rejected with another application?  Our team will review applications on a case by case & event by event basis and previous acceptance does not guarantee a future pass. One example is that in some situations our team will choose (at their discretion) to provide passes to upcoming, or smaller creators as a means to support content they could make via an event. Another example is that posting frequency may have changed, or the team may have reviewed coverage from a past event and decided against a pass for the next event (also passes may be fully allocated, links may have been included to wrong socials, no coverage linked from previous pass etc etc etc – There are MANY reasons and we promise, it’s nothing personal!  Please remember creator passes are merely complementary access tickets, with no further benefits too – You are still welcome & encouraged to join us with a ticket from! 

Have a creator pass and want to get involved with a panel, or stage event? Just drop us an email at! We’re always happy to support creators and provide space on stage (where possible), so please don’t hesitate to drop us an email and share anything you’d like to do with us! 

MegaCon Live sharing Creator Posts. We’re always happy to share and showcase creator posts, but just need you to tag us so we see these! Please make sure you’re using our @megaconlive handle. Planning something bigger, or further ahead? Send us a quick email so we’re aware! 

Have any questions? We're working on an updated FAQ for our creator passes, but in the meantime please don't hestiate to email us at!